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Fishing Kites & Accessories

Kites and Kite fishing accessories, kite release clips, helium balloons
AFTCO Kite Release Clips

Models for kite fishing and downriggers.  Traditional wire bail release clip with adjustable tension release.

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The Boston Big Game Club Fishing Kite has been well known on the eastern seaboard for many years.  The Boston kite is constructed of ripstop sail cloth and is resistant to water so it makes it perfect for kite fishing

Ceramic rings for kite fishing

Daiwa Saltiga G Kite Rod
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Dubro Kite Clips are rust resistant and feature Dubro's E/Z adjust tension screw for fine tuning release tension.  Dual spring-loaded clips easily attach to kite line and provide a secure attachment as compared to single spring clips

36" Latex Helium Balloons

The Kite Thong from SeaQualizer allows you to attach a helium balloon to the back of any standard fishing kite like those from Bob Lewis and SFE.  Available with either a 3 leg harness or 4 leg harness

Made in the USA SFE Kites have become the standard in fishing kites for a variety of species.  We offer 2 models, the Red All Purpose Kite is our most popular and flies in conditions of 5-25 MPH, the perfect kite for trolling flying fish, squids or floating live baits.

The Westcoaster Big Game Fishing Kite was developed by West Coast anglers fishing large Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna.