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Scents and Attractants

Fishing attractants and baits are a great way to induce fish to bite, there are many great fish baits and if you don't see what you are looking for then email me and I will order it for you.
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Uni Butter is a natural scent and fish attractant made in San Diego by a local San Diego fisherman. The essential oils from the sea, combined with a natural thickening agent is a scent and attractant for fish that masks the human scent.

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Kick'n Bass Products Fish Attractants come in a variety of flavors for both fresh and saltwater species.  Made from a variety of concentrated fish oils, Kick N Bass scents last longer and won't wash off like cheaper water based attractants
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Mikes Lunker Lotion Fish Attracting Scents
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Smelly Jelly Fish Scents
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BANG’s unique rendering process, with live bait, produces the natural concentrated oils of the most prevalent forage species. No other fish attractant borrows so much from Mother Nature. Its so easy to use, just spray it on, no getting your hands dirty, its brilliant really.

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Hot Sauce from Edge Fishing Products is a sticky gel type natural bait scent that attracts and entices bites from both fresh and saltwater species
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Bite On Fishing Attractants are offered in both fresh and saltwater flavors.  Bite On is a proprietary blend developed over 3 generations of fishermen.  The scent is a gel blend that will stick to your lures or bait.
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