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Fishing Accessories including rod belts, fighting harnesses, bait nets, tools, gaffs, fish bags, fishing kites, tacke storage, reel bags, outriggers, downriggers and boat equipment
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Calcutta Fishing Reel Case

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Uni Butter is a natural scent and fish attractant made in San Diego by a local San Diego fisherman. The essential oils from the sea, combined with a natural thickening agent is a scent and attractant for fish that masks the human scent.

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The Boston Big Game Club Fishing Kite has been well known on the eastern seaboard for many years.  The Boston kite is constructed of ripstop sail cloth and is resistant to water so it makes it perfect for kite fishing

Calcutta rubber bands

PVC Foam Floats will not absorb water and will not deterioate when exposed to saltwater.  Available in a variety of sizes for harness floating, installing on your BogaGrip so it wont sink, for marking your net line, and used as a marker buoy for your crab and lobster nets.

Economically priced tool ideal for cutting fine monofilament. Large precision made, heavy duty pliers.


Model: #CT200 - Set of 1

Metal washer sets for Shimano reels.

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Penn Reel maintenance synthetic oil and grease

Promar Crab & Lobster Gauge measures Lobster on one side and Crab on the other.  In California each angler has to have his own gauge.  Corrosion resistant aluminum construction.

Aluminum Alloy Crimp Sleeves

Cover those line cuts, handle blisters and bass thumb with flexible self-adhesive Flexx-Rap.  Flex wrap tape provides an extra layer of protection for you fingers, it also improves grip and is water-proof


These velcro rod holders easily bundles rods and reels.

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