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Yamamoto Senko - 7"

CODE: 32558

Price: $5.99

The 7" 9X is the giant among the Yamamoto Senko® product line. There's not a big bass out there that wouldn't love to whack a 9X. Why deprive them? Weightless, the Yamamoto Senko - 7" can still get down fast in the productive 10-20 foot depths than most bank beaters bypass, and the 7X makes a great night fishing bait...if you're not afraid to battle scary monsters in the dark.

  • 9X-05-156 - 7" Charteuse with Black
  • 9X-05-021 - 7" Black with Blue
  • 9X-05-194 - 7" Watermelon with Black
  • 9X-05-208 - 7" Watermelon with Black-Red
  • 9X-05-297 - 7" Green Pumpkin with Black