Yamamoto Baby Craw - 3"


The Yamamoto Baby Craw is smaller (3 3/4 inches) in size but lacking nothing in fish catching appeal. This Baby Craw is bed fishing dynamite and is the perfect answer for a smaller flipping bait. The Yamamoto Craw (3-10 5 inches) was an instant success but our Pro-Staff wanted more . . . in a smaller package. Western Pros wanted a smaller craw for flippin' clear water and Carolina rigging. Eastern Pros wanted a smaller craw for bed fishing and as a trailer for smaller jigs. Small in size but huge in fish appeal!

  • 3S-10-051 - 3"  Black with Red
  • 3S-10-194 - 3"  Watermelon with Black
  • 3S-10-196 - 3"  Pumpkin with Black-Green
  • 3S-10-208 - 3"  Watermelon with Black-Red