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Xtratuf Boots

Xtratuf Boots
Xtratuf BootsXtratuf Boots

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These Xtratuf deck boots are so widely used and trusted by fishermen that almost every angler has some. If you order them and they don't fit, don't hesitate to let me know right away so I can get them replaced promptly. 

Xtratuf Boots are now made in China. Its the same great boot, just made overseas.

Neoprene is the most flexible and durable of all rubber footwear constructions. Xtratuf deck boots neoprene pacs offer a "total protection shield" of seamless, watertight protection for the most corrosive farm and work conditions.

These are regular toe boots not steel toe.


12" Xtratuf Deck Boot, Brown

Flexible, Hand layered construction of seamless boot shells. Shells are triple dipped in liquid neoprene latex for extra watertight protection against acids, corrosives and contaminants. Immersed in a special sealant for the XTRATUF "total protection shield". Cork-cushioned insoles for lightweight shock absorption and comfort.  100% waterproof.