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These web specials change often as we are currently moving out older inventory items at very low prices and I am updating this page as soon as I find another item that needs to go! Please check back with us as this should become an excellent source of low cost fishing tackle for you.

Berkley Natural Scent Trout Bait

CODE: 03370

This Berkley natural power bait works so well for trout and is a must for freshwater anglers.
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  • Corn 
  • Salmon Peach 
  • Garlic 
  • Cheese 

Clearance Seaguar Blue Label 2# Test

CODE: 9957

We are selling this Seaguar Blue Label at just above cost for a few weeks. This is for our online customers only, per the big boss....
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$10.99   $3.99
  • 2# - 25 Yard 

Suffix Superior Fishing Line

CODE: 60039

We are running an awesome special on these 1 pound spools of Suffix Superior fishing line. If you havent fished Suffix Superior brand...
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$37.99   $28.49

Clearance Aftco Guy Harvey Stripes Shirt

CODE: 99857

Model: MH79104 This is another fantastic deal on a high quality Aftco Guy Harvey shirt. The "Stripes" shirts come in two colors and...
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$44.99   $19.99

Clearance Fishworks International Walkshort

CODE: 39232

Item # WS20
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$49.95   $24.95
  • 30 
  • 32 
  • 34 
  • 36 
  • 38 
  • 40 
  • 42 
  • 44 
  • 46 
  • 48 
  • 50 
  • Red 

Red Only Available

Aftco Guy Harvey Mako Shark Shirt

CODE: 11148

Model: MH79325 Aftco Guy Harvey Mako Shark Shirts are discontinued and a smoking deal, get them while you can!
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$49.99   $19.99

Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon

CODE: 08475

100% Fluorocarbon fishing line that is nearly invisible to fish and gives you a huge advantage.
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$50.98   $22.98
  • 100 FP 25 Yard Spool 

Clearance Fishworks Angler Padded Walkshort

CODE: 39428

Item # WS25
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$69.99   $29.99
  • 38 (Red Only) 
  • 40 (Red Only) 

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Shimano Symetre FJ Reels

CODE: 54057

Shimano Symetre FJ Reels are a mid priced reel that perform like all Shimano fishing reels, very good!
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Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels

CODE: 33627

We are blowing these great Penn Line Counter Level-wind Reels out and discounting them enough to make it worth it for you. I will also...
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Clearance Seeker Black Steel Rods

CODE: 39728

These clearance rods are the Seeker Black Steel series with the gold guides. They are last years models and a fantastic deal! This...
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$250.00   $200.00
  • G 665-61/2 (+$9.00)

Calstar Rods

CODE: 38461

** Click on the images too get a better idea of what rod types are in this listing. Use the chart in the body of the listing to see...
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$292.99   $219.74
  • GFTR 760L (+$123.00)
  • GFGRALG 700XL (+$5.00)
  • GFGRALG 700L (+$7.00)
  • GFGRALG 800XL (+$60.00)
  • BWC 6455XH-AR (+$36.00)
  • BWC 6455XXH-AR (+$41.00)
  • BWC 655XXH (+$41.00)
  • BWC BABY BOOMER (+$33.00)
  • BRT 50 (+$88.00)

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