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These web specials change often as we are currently moving out older inventory items at very low prices and I am updating this page as soon as I find another item that needs to go! Please check back with us as this should become an excellent source of low cost fishing tackle for you.

Daiwa Saltiga Reels

CODE: 01429

Powerful yet compact saltwater conventional reel.
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$529.99   $423.99
  • SA40 
  • SA50 (+$10.00)

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Clearance Fishworks Angler Padded Walkshort

CODE: 39428

Item # WS25
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$69.99   $29.99
  • 34 (Red Only) 
  • 36 (Black Only) 
  • 38 (Red Only) 
  • 40 (Red Only) 

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Shimano Symetre FJ Reels

CODE: 54057

Shimano Symetre FJ Reels are a mid priced reel that perform like all Shimano fishing reels, very good!
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$99.99   $88.99

Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels

CODE: 33627

We are blowing these great Penn Line Counter Level-wind Reels out and discounting them enough to make it worth it for you. I will also...
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$139.99   $124.59

Suffix Superior Fishing Line

CODE: 60039

We are running an awesome special on these 1 pound spools of Suffix Superior fishing line. If you havent fished Suffix Superior brand...
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$37.99   $28.49

Calstar Rods

CODE: 38461

** Click on the images too get a better idea of what rod types are in this listing. Use the chart in the body of the listing to see...
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$292.99   $219.74
  • GFTR 760L (+$123.00)
  • GFGRALG 700XL (+$5.00)
  • GFGRALG 700L (+$7.00)
  • GFGRALG 800XL (+$60.00)
  • BWC 6455XH-AR (+$36.00)
  • BWC 6455XXH-AR (+$41.00)
  • BWC 655XXH (+$41.00)
  • BWC BABY BOOMER (+$33.00)
  • BRT 50 (+$88.00)

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Aftco Guy Harvey Mako Shark Shirt

CODE: 11148

Model: MH79325 Aftco Guy Harvey Mako Shark Shirts are discontinued and a smoking deal, get them while you can!
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$49.99   $19.99

Clearance Aftco Guy Harvey Stripes Shirt

CODE: 99857

Model: MH79104 This is another fantastic deal on a high quality Aftco Guy Harvey shirt. The "Stripes" shirts come in two colors and...
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$44.99   $19.99

CODE: 99856

Model: M70002 This is a beautiful Aftco fishing shirt at an unbeatable clearance price!
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$39.99   $14.99

Clearance Seeker Black Steel Rods

CODE: 39728

These clearance rods are the Seeker Black Steel series with the gold guides. They are last years models and a fantastic deal! This...
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$250.00   $200.00

Clearance Daiwa Sealine

CODE: 01420

These Daiwa 2 speed reels are High perfomance saltwater reels that have been landing big fish for a long time.
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$519.99   $415.99

Longfin Specials!

Daiwa Saltiga Reels Daiwa Saltiga Reels on Sale!

$529.99   $423.99

P-Line Adaro Fishing Pliers P-Line Adaro Fishing Pliers


P-Line Adaro Jr. Pliers P-Line Adaro Jr. Pliers


Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels Clearance Penn Line Counter Levelwind Reels

$139.99   $124.59