Triple Trout Swimbaits

Triple Trout Swimbaits

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Triple Trout baits swim to beautifully and realistic that largemouth and striped bass just cannot resist them. Our manager Eric fishes largemouth bass exclusively and he has a ton of these baits in his tackle box. He is a very good bass fisherman and has used most if not all of these trout type swimbaits, and he loves his Triple Trouts. 22nd Century Swimbaits is the company who makes these amazing Triple Trout baits. He hand crafts each bait and then paints them, he is a very good artist.

We brought a bunch of these baits into our retail store and I am so excited to get them into our customers hands. Hopefully I can articulate the colors and sizes well enough to understand. We have four different sizes of Triple Trout baits. 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch.

  • The "Heavy" baits are fast sinking
  • The" Regular" baits are slow sinking
  • The "Floating" baits float


Triple Trout Sizes and Colors
Size Color Body Type Our Model Number
6 Inch Dark Trout Regular TRT6DT
6 Inch Light Trout Normal TRT6LT
7 Inch Dark Trout Normal TRT7DT
7 Inch Light Trout Normal TRT7LT
8 Inch Dark Trout Normal TRT8DT
8 Inch Light Trout Normal TRT8LT
8 Inch Perris Special Normal TRT8PERSPL
8 Inch Old School Turquoise Normal TRT8OSTQ
8 Inch - Floating Dark Trout Cut Tail TRT8FCTDT
8 Inch - Floating Light Trout Cut Tail TRT8FCTLT
8 Inch - Sinking Dark Trout  Normal TRT8HDT
8 Inch - Sinking Light Trout  Normal TRT8HLT
10 Inch Dark Trout  Normal TRT10DT
10 Inch Light Trout  Normal TRT10LT
10 Inch - Floating Dark Trout Cut Tail TRT10FCTDT
10 Inch - Floating Light Trout Cut Tail TRT10FCTLT
10 Inch - Sinking Dark Trout  Normal TRT10HDT
10 Inch - Sinking Light Trout  Normal TRT10HLT
10 Inch Perris Special  Normal TRT10PERSPL
10 Inch Old School Turquoise  Normal TRT10OSTQ
Triple Trout Swimbait Model Price Quantity
TRT6DT $54.99
TRT6LT $54.99
TRT7DT $57.99
TRT7LT $57.99
TRT8DT $59.99
TRT8LT $59.99
TRT8OSTQ $69.99
TRT8FCTDT $69.99
TRT8FCTLT $69.99
TRT8FCTLT $69.99
TRT8HDT $69.99
TRT8HLT $69.99
Shad 8" $69.99
3 Dot Trout 8" $69.99
Kokanee 8" $69.99
Black 8" $69.99
TRT10DT $69.99
TRT10LT $69.99
TRT10FCTDT $74.99
TRT10FCTLT $74.99
TRT10HDT $74.99
TRT10HLT $74.99
TRT10PERSPL $69.99
TRT10OSTQ $74.99
Shad 10" $74.99
3 Dot Trout 10" $74.99
Kokanee 10" $74.99
Black 10" $74.99
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