Lures and Bait Rigs


P Line Predator lures look so good when swimming they really get the fish because of their great action.


These Mirrolure, mirrorlure or mirror lure as they are sometimes reffered to can get more than 25 feet deep when trolling. These have replaced the Cabrilla Killers for catching those beauties in the Sea of Cortez. To see the different colors click on the images tab.



Great for trolling or jigging.



These Izorline squid jigs come in many shapes and sizes but they all do a great job catching squid.



Mono squid hook rig 5 hook - 190 cm


"Lighted" squid jigs.


6 hook set sabiki rigs, these are great for making bait.


6 hook set.

Gold hooks, florescent beads, translucent artificial skin with reflective tinsel!

The most successful jigging lure on the market! Real fish skin covered hooks with sliding luminous fish attractor beads. A proven catcher of mackerel, smelt, sardines herring, perch and squid.

6 hook set. These bait rigs work very well.

4 hook set.