Hooks and Swivels

O'Shaughnessy hook, straight, point bent in, ringed, bronzed finish.

Models: 5105R and 5305R

These are the great live bait ringed saltwater hooks, they really help your bait swim naturally.

Model: 5127

Pocket pack live bait circle hooks.

Model: 5127R

Pocked pack live bait circle hooks (ringed).

Model: 5129

Pocket pack offshore live bait hooks.

Billfisher ball bearing snap swivels are high quality and easy to tie and snap on tackle.

Model: 5134

Pocket pack big game hooks.

Billfisher ball bearing swivels have many applications and come in an assortment of sizes.

Model: 5169

Pocket pack live bait hooks.

Model: 5170

Pocket pack live bait hooks with forged shank.

Billfisher coastlock snap swivels have many uses are easy to use.