Tony Reyes Fishing Tours Gear

This is the gear used and recommended on the Tony Reyes Fishing Tours. If you haven't experienced one of these trips, it is the trip of a lifetime. In store pick up orders are eligible for a 10% discount if you are going on an upcoming Tony Reyes Trip.

O'Shaughnessy hook, straight, point bent in, ringed, bronzed finish.

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Tony Reyes trip information can be found here: Tony Reyes

Standard, least expensive, rod butt rest.


The Berkley Pocket Line Stripper/Hook Honer takes the work out of changing line. Strips old line off your reel in seconds. Includes hook-sharpening stone. Uses two AA batteries (not included).


Models: 5105R and 5305R

These are the great live bait ringed saltwater hooks, they really help your bait swim naturally.


Cowhide rod butt rest with gimbal bar.



These velcro rod holders easily bundles rods and reels.



Rod butt rest with gimbal bar.



Carry rods and reels the easy way. These v


Model: 5127

Pocket pack live bait circle hooks.


MotionEaze is formulated to provide fast relief from motion sickness.



Rod butt rest with gimbal bar.