The Bight

The Bight - A Journal for The Saltwater Angler




This is a brilliant idea, to have a saltwater anglers journal. They did a really great job with the story telling, pictures and everything else in this book. To my knowledge they are planning to come out with this at least yearly if not quarterly. Its perfect for reading for a lazy Sunday afternoon laying on the couch. You have to watch this video they made, it will make you want to go fishing immediately!


Welcome to The Bight

More book than magazine, The Bight is limited advertising and maximum content. Edited for the hard-core saltwater fisherman, The Bight is laden with unique subjects, new angles, long-form stories, and rich, vivid photography.

We’re heading for clear water: deep profiles, legendary vessels, and virgin destinations. Historical roots, ripping yarns, and boiling fisheries. The Bight isn’t how to fish. It’s why you fish.

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