Saltwater Hooks

Knife edge point. Sea Demon hook, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin finish.

Mustad 39943 DEMON® Perfect Circle Hooks Offset


Models: 5105R and 5305R

These are the great live bait ringed saltwater hooks, they really help your bait swim naturally.


Owner Dancing Stinger Hooks Model: 5284

Pocket pack dancing stingers which increase hooking power.

The Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks are available in both corrosion-resistant black chrome finish and red. These hooks are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater.

Mustad 91750 D Jig Hooks, O' Shaughnessy jig hook, forged, ringed, 3X short, X strong, duratin finish.




The Owner Ringed Flyliner Live Bait Hooks are super strong; welded rings in the eye of each hook reduces stress on the hook, making overall unit stronger.

Owner ST-41 Treble Hooks are 2X strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, and are the ideal replacement hooks for improving the hooking power of heavy freshwater and most varieties of saltwater plugs, spoons and die-cast jigs.


Mustad 9174 Live Bait Hooks, O' Shaughnessy hook, forged, ringed, 3X short, X strong, bronze finish.

Mustad R10827 BN Ringed Live Bait Hooks


Model: 5110

Pocket pack oversize worm hooks.