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Saltwater Hooks


Models: 5111 and 5311

All purpose bait hooks that have a very sharp point and wont bend out on you.

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Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Big Game Fish Hooks, Knife edge point, ringed, short barb, stainless steel.
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Model: 5127T

These are the New Grander Circle Hooks from Owner.

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The Owner Ultrahead Darter Type features a popular darter-shape jig head molded around an Owner 5318 light wire jig hook, with round bend, Super Needle Point and black matte finish

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Owner Super Mutu Live Bait Circle Hooks have a XXX strong shank for rigging large live baits and big chunk baits

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Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Hooks Knife edge point. Southern and tuna hook, forged, ringed, stainless steel.

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Mustad R39942 Ringed Demon Offset Circle Hooks
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Item: 5194

Pocket pack 2"X4" strips.

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The Mustad 7691DT are trolling hooks with natural baits and lures. The points of the Mustad 7691DT are angled in.  Mustad Duratin plating for extra corrosion resistance, popular hook for large yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, sharks, wahoo and marlin
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Mustad 39943 DEMON® Perfect Circle Hooks Offset
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Owner Double Frog Hooks feature 3X-strong shanks and super sharp points, these Owner Double Frog hooks allow for easier hookups and more leverage in pulling big bass from heavy cover.
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Model: 5129

Pocket pack offshore live bait hooks.

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