Saltwater Hooks


Model: 5127T

These are the New Grander Circle Hooks from Owner and I am excited to see how well they do.



O' Shaughnessy live bait hook, opti-angle N. point, ringed, black nickel finish.



The Owner Ringed Mutu Live Bait Circle Hooks are super strong, welded rings in the eye of each hook reduces stress on the hook, making overall unit stronger.


Knife edge point. Southern & tuna hook, forged, ringed, short barb, stainless steel.

Dubin point double hook, forged, ringed, duratin, brazed finish, short shank, 2X strong.


Model: 5169

Pocket pack live bait hooks.



Knife edge point. Southern and tuna hook, forged, ringed, stainless steel.


Dubin point double hooks, forged, ringed, stainless finish, short shank, 2X strong.


Model: 5170

Pocket pack live bait hooks with forged shank.


Knife edge point. Tuna hook, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin finish.


Models: 5105R and 5305R

These are the great live bait ringed saltwater hooks, they really help your bait swim naturally.


Owner Stinger Siwash Hook features a XXX-strong shank, deep-throat gap, Cutting Point, and anti-rust black matte finish.