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CODE: 07675

These trap rigs are very helpful when fishing halibut or other species of finicky fish that spit baits out. These are sometimes called...
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Carolina Keepers

CODE: 32075

These Carolina Keepers are such an easy way to do on the fly leader adjustments while you fish.
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Hayabusa Hage Aurora Sabiki Rigs with Fluorocarbon

CODE: 47195

6 hook set sabiki rigs, these are great for making bait.
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CODE: 47168

6 hook set. These are great for catching bait and the fish just cant resist them.
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CODE: 47177

6 hook set. Heavy leader.
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CODE: 47182

6 hook set bait rigs, these are a fantastic and effective way to make bait.
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CODE: 47171

6 hook set. These bait rigs work very well.
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CODE: 47231

Sabiki rigs for catching bait with 6 hooks.
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CODE: 49624

3 hook set.
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CODE: 33711

The most successful jigging lure on the market! Real fish skin covered hooks with sliding luminous fish attractor beads. A proven catcher...
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CODE: 33723

Gold hooks, florescent beads, translucent artificial skin with reflective tinsel!
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