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Freshwater Hooks

Owner Beast Hooks feature a wide gap and centering spring for fishing larger plastics

Owner Mosquito Hooks red finish


Model: 5109

Pocket pack: The popular light wire "J-Hook".

These are the classic Mustad Gold Treble Hooks your dad took you trout fishing with. They are coated with pure 24 Karat gold and it gives the hooks that...


Model: 5140

Pocket pack bass hooks.


Models: 5105 and 5305

An excellent strong fishing hook, the Owner Gorilla hooks have landed many a monster.

Owner Flyliner Live Bait Hooks are light weight and really let the bait swim freely for a great bait presentation.


Models: 5163 and 5363

These Owner Mutu Circle hooks are excellent saltwater fishing hooks and they are designed to stick in the corner of the fishes mouth.


Model: 5101

Pocket pack offset worm hooks.