Freshwater Hooks

These are the classic Mustad Gold Treble Hooks your dad took you trout fishing with. They are coated with pure 24 Karat gold and it gives the hooks that...

Premium fluorocarbon snelled hooks.


Model: 5671

Pocket pack frog hooks.



Model: 5133

Pocket pack bass hooks.



Model: 5140

Pocket pack bass hooks.



Models: 5105 and 5305

An excellent strong fishing hook, the Owner Gorilla hooks have landed many a monster.


Models: 5106 and 5306 These Owner Flyliner hooks are light weight and really let the bait swim freely for a great bait presentation.


Models: 5163 and 5363

These Owner Mutu Circle hooks are excellent saltwater fishing hooks and they are designed to stick in the corner of the fishes mouth.



Models: 5177 and 5377



Model: 5101

Pocket pack offset worm hooks.




Model: 5102

Pocket pack wide gap offset worm hooks.