Smitty's Spyder Harness


Smitty's Spyder Harness is designed for the angler who always wants to be prepared. While this is a serious stand-up fighting harness, it is still cool, comfortable and lightweight as well. Smitty's Spyder Harness is so comfortable, you can unsnap the rod belt and continue wearing the harness while sitting and relaxing in between bites. When used properly, this fully adjustable bucket harness can eliminate all pressure from the lower back, giving maximum leverage and support while fighting a large and powerful game fish.


  • 2X - adjustable waist from 46" to 54"
  • Extra Large - adjustable waist from 38" to 46"
  • Large - adjustable waist from 34" to 38"
  • Medium - adjustable waist from 30" to 34"
  • Ladies - hip from 36" to 44"
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