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Shimano Tiagra Reel Cover

CODE: 50230

Price: $14.99

All sides made of 5mm neoprene. Gold logo and stitches over shiny black fabric match the color of Tiagra reels and Tallus rods. All reel covers fit perfectly to specific size of Tiagra reels.

l Model TIRC12, Fits Tiagra 12
l Model TIRC16, Fits Tiagra 16
l Model TIRC20, Fits Tiagra 20
l Model TIRC30, Fits Tiagra 30
l Model TIRC30W, Fits Tiagra 30
l Model TIRC50, Fits Tiagra 50
l Model TIRC50W, Fits Tiagra 50W
l Model TIRC80W, Fits Tiagra 80W
l Model TIRC130, Fits Tiagra 130