Shimano Teramar WC Inshore Casting Rods

Shimano Teramar WC Inshore Casting Rods


Technique specific actions for fishing calico bass. Here you will find an entire new series of actions. Swimbait rods, a spinnerbait rod as well as a crankbait rod. These newly designed rods come with a new reel seat along with custom split grips for comfort and total reduction of weight.

  • Shimano TC4 Construction
  • New Concept Fuji Aluminum Oxide
  • Shimano reel seat
  • EVA Grip Material
  • Custom Reel Seat
  • Technique Specific Actions
  • Split Grip handles
Teramar WC Inshore Casting
Model Length Power Action Mono Line Rating (lb) Power Pro Line Capacity (# Test/Yards) Lure Rating Guide Type

TMC74MHBRA 7'4" Medium Heavy Fast 12-25lb 30-65lb 1/2-1 1/2oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX74HBRA 7'4" Heavy Extra Fast 15-30lb 40-65lb 1-3oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCSB711MHBRA 7'11" Medium Heavy Fast 15-30lb 30-65 1-2oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCC711MHBRA 7'11" Medium Heavy Mod Fast 15-30lb 30-65 1/2-1oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX711MLBRA 7'11" Medium Light Extra Fast 8-15lb 15-40 1/4-5/8oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX711MBRA 7'11" Medium Extra Fast 12-25lb 20-50 1/2-1oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX711MHBRA 7'11" Medium Heavy Extra Fast 15-30lb 30-65 3/4-2oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX711HBRA 7'11" Heavy Extra Fast 15-30lb 30-80 1-4oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX711XHBRA 7'11" Extra Heavy Extra Fast 15-30lb 50-80lb 2-6oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide

TMCX90MHBRA 9'0" Medium Heavy Extra Fast 15-30lb 30-65 3/4-2oz Fuji Aluminum Oxide