Shimano Curado E Reels

Shimano Curado E Reels

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I will always be a believer in the Shimano Curado reels. It was the first bass baitcasting fishing reel I ever owned and I loved it. You know that excitement when you are going to a new lake to bass fish and you are getting your gear ready? That's almost as good as the fishing, you know, the getting ready. My Shimano Curado E Reel was the star of my bass fishing gear and it never let me down. These Curado's cast so smooth and seamlessly and your bait lands right where you want it. I always got a good hook set with the legendary drags they have in them. I hope you too dote on your Shimano Curado E just like I did.

Providing anglers with exceptional performance and durability, our Curado E reels are designed for casting big baits and jigging. The 300E/301E offers low-profile handling for all-day muskie action and inshore saltwater use, while the 300EJ has the ideal speed and spool capacity for use with Shimano’s Waxwing System to cast the Junior 118, Senior 138 and Daddy 168 size lures.

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
  • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
  • Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion Gear System (SF)
  • A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool
  • Dartainium Drag
  • Variable Brake System (VBS) with Reduced Mass Hub
  • Super Stopper
  • Assist Stopper
  • Quickfire II Clutch Bar
Curado E
Model Retrieve   Mono Line Capacity (# Test/yd) PowerPro Line Capacity (# Test/yd) Max Drag (lb) S A-RB Ball Bearings S SUS Bearings A-RB Roller Clutch Bearings Gear Ratio  
CU300E Right   12/240, 14/190, 20/120 50/205,65/120,80/105 15 1 5 1 6.2:1  
CU301E Left   12/240, 14/190, 20/120 50/205,65/120,80/105 15 1 5 1 6.2:1  
CU300EJ Right   12\240,14\190,20\120 50\205,65\120,80\105 15 1 5 1 6.9:1  
Model Price Quantity
CU300E $259.99
CU301E $259.99
CU300EJ $279.99
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