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Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels

Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels
Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control ReelsShimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels

CODE: 00018

Price: $529.99

These are the Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Reels and let me tell you, they rock! These Shimano Calcutta TE reels are already top of the line and they perform so well on their own. Now Shimano added the best cast control technology around to this reel. You are able to control the tension on your spool depending on what your casting needs are. Environment like wind and bait size and weight all play a role in how you choose to set your DC cast contol tension. Its gives you more freedom and flexibility as a fisherman and you will notice the difference the cast control system makes right away.

Calcutta TE DC
Model Retrieve Line Retrieve
Line Capacity (# Test/Yards) Power Pro Line Capacity (# Test/Yards) Max Drag
Ball Bear
Gear Ratio
CTE100DC Right 23 30/115,50/70,65/50 8/115, 10/95, 12/80 8.5 10
CTE200DC Right 23 40/95,50/95,65/60 10/135, 12/115, 14/95 9.9 10
CTE201DC Left 23 40/95,50/95,65/60 10/135, 12/115, 14/95 11.4 10
CTE250DC Right 23 40/115,50/110,65/75 10/165, 12/140, 14/115 10.1 10


These Shimano Calcutta TE DC reel has these great features:


  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System
  • A7075 Aluminum Spool
  • Super Free (SF)
  • Digital Control
  • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
  • Super Stopper with Assist Stopper
  • Dartainium Drag
  • Clicking Drag Adjustment
  • Clicking Cast Control Adjustment
  • Recessed Reel Foot
  • Drilled Crossbar
  • Cold Forged Handle Shank
  • Adjustable Handle Shank
  • Rubber Handle Grip (except 250)
  • Septon Handle Grip (250 only)
  • Paddle-style Grip (except 250)
  • PV Power Paddles (250 only)
  • Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Stamped Aluminum Handle Side Sideplate
  • Titanium Levelwind Insert
  • Metal Series
  • Platinum Service Plan