Shimano Butterfly Jig Long 120g


The Butterfly Jigging System utilizes tackle that is extremely manageable, and very effective during those heated battles with stubborn gamefish. No longer is it necessary to fish with big, bulky tackle that turns your fishing into a job. This system is comprised of an ultra sensitive, lightweight, durable rod with a high speed, high power reel, super line, and a unique 3-D shaped jig that when combined takes your fishing experience to another level of enjoyment.

The Butterfly jig system lets you feel every movement of the jig during the retrieve. The bite, its like a bolt of electricity flowing through the rod to your hands. The sensitivity of the tackle lets you feel those blistering runs and turns during a fierce battle, giving an angler a better sense of the true power of the fish.

Using the Shimano Butterfly jigging system not only results in more bites, but turns your fishing into catching.