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Sevenstrand Sevalon (Nylon Coated Wire) 30 Ft. Spool

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These 30 foot spools of Sevenstrand nylon coated wire are great for making wahoo leaders and leaders for all manner of toothy fish. This Sevenstrand nylon coated wire is great for fishing in and near rocks or for deep fish that like to take your fishing line there. I get a lot of orders for this fishing wire by people who use it for other applications such as hanging things or keeping valuables locked up. Whatever the use you have for this Sevenstrand nylon coated wire 30 foot spools you will need the connecting sleeves that you crimp to make the connection. The sleeves or crimps come in two pack sizes, 36 and 100 and they can be found here Sevenstrand Sleeves 36 Pack and here Sevenstrand Sleeves 100 Pack

Model No.Desc.Single Copper Sleeve Size 
18WNA 18 Lb. Test A2
27WNA 27 Lb. Test  A2
40WNA 40 Lb. Test  A3
60WNA 60 Lb. Test  A5
90WNA 90 Lb. Test  A7
135WNA 135 Lb. Test  A9
170WNA 170 Lb. Test  A10
250WNA 250 Lb. Test  A11
Size Price Quantity
27 lb $2.99
40 lb $3.09
60 lb $3.29
90 lb $4.09
135 lb $4.49
170 lb $5.19
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