Savage Gear Glide Swimmer

Savage Gear Glide Swimmer

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These are the brand new Savage Gear 3D Glide Swimmer baits and they look very realistic. This is just a great looking bait and I can only imagine how great the action is because of the joint in the bait.

Glide Swimmer

The Savage Gear Glide Swimmer has been under development for the past two years, as it was tuned and adjusted to have the most natural gliding action of any bait in this category. The super slow sinking action and continued gliding action on the pause makes this the perfect bait for big bites on a twitch and pause retrieves. 

Glide Swimmer Features

Seductive “S” pattern swimming action. 
Slow sinking sink rate for long pauses on a twitch retrieve. 
Available in the hottest colors on the market. 
6 ½”
Super premium ultra-sharp hooks and split rings.
Item - Color Option Description Price Quantity
62798 - Rainbow Savage Gear Slide Swimmer 6 1/2" $15.99
62796 - Dirty Silver Flash Savage Gear Slide Swimmer 6 1/2" $15.99
62797 - Baby Bass Savage Gear Slide Swimmer 6 1/2" $15.99
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