Salas 6X Jr Lures

Salas 6X Jr Lures


Salas jigs have been around since the early nineteen fifties. These world famous jigs have been used to hook fish everywhere. Salas jigs specialize in catching yellowtail seabass, tuna, barracuda, skipjack, marlin, bonita, albacore, wahoo etc. The Salas 6X Jr jig is a main staple of any fishing tackle box and the salas 6X Jr has so many applications that you really shouldn't be without them.

I have personally fished these Salas 6X Jr Lures and I honestly don't go saltwater fishing without them. They are just so versatile, they swim amazingly and the fish just love them.

The Salas 6X Jr lure is 4.5 inches long and weighs 4.5 ounces and comes with a treble hook.