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Phenix Saltwater Rods

Phenix Saltwater Rods are so beautifully balanced with power and grace, these rods belong with the elite saltwater fishing rods category.

The Phenix Black Diamond Rods are thin and lightweight but super strong due to thier "Secret Sauce" recipe.

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Phenix Saltwater Redeye Travel rods
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These are the amazing Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods. This is a fully woven carbon fiber blank that has an incredible action.
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These are the brand new Phenix Axis Rods and they are so nice! Phenix has this rod building thing down to a science and they continue to impress me with how...
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Phenix Abyss Series rods are designed for the West Coast angler with a blend of S glass and carbon fibre construction, providing a lighter durable alternative.
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Phenix Black Diamond Surf Rods 
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Phenix Bermuda Inshore Spinning Rods
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Phenix Inshore Assassin Rods are designed for inshore fishing with bait and lures.  Lightweight and saltwater resistant materials built on Phenix's famous Black Diamond Rod Blanks.
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Phenix Hybrid Inshore Rods
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Phenix M1 Inshore Saltwater Fishing Rods
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Phenix Megalodon Jigging Rods
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Phenix Megalodon Popping Rods
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