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G Loomis Saltwater Casting

G Loomis saltwater casting rods have great action and really put the pressure back on the fish and not your back.

  Product Product code Price  
G Loomis GWMR783C Rods

CODE: 04382

G Loomis GWMR843C Rods

CODE: 04384

G Loomis GWPR843C Rods

CODE: 04386

G Loomis GWR901C Rods

CODE: 04390

G Loomis PBR843C Rods

CODE: 04532

G Loomis PBR844C Rods G Loomis PBR844C Rods

CODE: 04534

G Loomis PSR78-50C Rods

CODE: 04491

G Loomis PSR78-60R Rods

CODE: 04492

G Loomis PSR84-20C Rods

CODE: 04493

G Loomis PSR84-30C Rods

CODE: 04495

G Loomis PSR84-40C Rods

CODE: 04496

G Loomis PSR90-25C Rods

CODE: 04498