G Loomis Saltwater Casting

G Loomis saltwater casting rods have great action and really put the pressure back on the fish and not your back. G Loomis continues to come out with amazing saltwater fishing rods year after year, their quality is unmatched.


The G Loomis GWMR783C is surprisingly powerful when you want to pull a good snook from the mangroves.



The G Loomis GWMR843C is a wonderful casting rod with the ability to throw a number of different baits.



The G Loomis GWPR843C is light in the tip for delicate casts, yet powerful enough to keep a big redfish in check.



This rod is designed for long casts and gives anglers excellent line and lure control without sacrificing weight or performance.


Accuracy, power and unbelievable sensitivity in a rod so lightweight, it's hard to imagine.


As these rods increase in power, they decrease in length, giving the angler maximum leverage and control.



The G Loomis PSR78-60R is nice for party boats and larger bait.


The G Loomis PSR84-20C is a powerful light-duty stand-up rod for a variety of sea dwelling species.


If you're a stand-up kind of angler, you'll love the G Loomis PSR84-30C for striped marlin and sails.


The G Loomis PSR84-40C is a powerful rod for fishing bait when the fish come to the corner.


The G Loomis PSR90-25C is the field tester's choice for light-duty offshore use.