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G Loomis Freshwater Spinning

G Loomis freshwater spinning rods come in many models and price ranges but they all have one thing in common, quality.

  Product Product code Price  
G Loomis BSR852 Rods

CODE: 04577

G Loomis DSR820S Rods

CODE: 04314

G Loomis DSR822S Rods

CODE: 04317

G Loomis ETR75-3ULS4 Rods

CODE: 04318

G Loomis ETR81-3HS-20 Rods

CODE: 04322

G Loomis ETR84-3LS-6 Rods

CODE: 04323

G Loomis ETR84-3MLS-10 Rods

CODE: 04324

G Loomis ETR84-3MS-12 Rods

CODE: 04325

G Loomis ETR90-3MS12 Rods

CODE: 04328

G Loomis HSR1021S Rods

CODE: 04401

G Loomis HSR9000S Rods

CODE: 04410

G Loomis PR8400S Rods

CODE: 04507

G Loomis PR842S Rods

CODE: 04513

G Loomis PR844S Rods

CODE: 04523

G Loomis SJR720 Rods

CODE: 04626

G Loomis SJR721 Rods

CODE: 04630

G Loomis SJR722 Rods

CODE: 04637

G Loomis SJR723 Rods

CODE: 04642

G Loomis SJR781 Rods

CODE: 04644

G Loomis SJR782 Rods

CODE: 04648


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