G Loomis Freshwater Spinning

G Loomis freshwater spinning rods come in many models and price ranges but they all have one thing in common, quality. All of us have at least a few G Loomis Spinning rods in our inventory.

The extra-fast tip allows you to cast un-weighted worms and soft jerkbaits a long ways.



The G Loomis ETR75-3ULS4 is an ultra-light spinning rod designed for trout and panfish, but will handle surprisingly large fish.



A strong powerful rod capable of handling tarpon, big snook, small sharks, and other saltwater fish.



The G Loomis ETR84-3LS-6 is a great 3-piece choice for trout, shad, bonefish and other shallow water species.



G Loomis ETR84-3MLS-10 is a good freshwater rod for casting small surface lures or minnow-baits and grubs for bass.



G Loomis ETR84-3MS-12is a medium spinning rod designed for larger flats species like permit, redfish and seatrout or smaller species of salmon.



G Loomis ETR90-3MS12 is designed for stream fishing for big trout and small salmon, walleye, redfish, seatrout and permit.



Here's a powerful two-piece spinning rod designed specifically for drift fishing Chinook salmon in large rivers.


this G Loomis HSR9000S has quickly emerged as the rod of choice for serious walleye anglers fishing spinner/worm rigs.


Freshwater trout anglers will like this rod for trolling with blades and bait for the lake trout and large rainbows.


The G Loomis PR844S works well with live bait like shrimp, minnows and small crabs, but casts spoons and jigs equally well.



The G Loomis SMR822S is great for detecting cover, even when there isn't any, or very little.