G Loomis Freshwater Spinning

G Loomis freshwater spinning rods come in many models and price ranges but they all have one thing in common, quality. All of us have at least a few G Loomis Spinning rods in our inventory.

It handles the long leaders and light leads required for the low, clear water of summer, and the heavier gear needed to fish the high, green water of winter.

G Loomis ETR84-3MLS-10 is a good freshwater rod for casting small surface lures or minnow-baits and grubs for bass.

Soft enough to protect light line, yet subtly strong and responsive, the G Loomis SR781 is a classic ultra-light trout rod.


The G Loomis STR1141S is soft enough to let you "see" the strike before the fish has time to react. A good bank rod, a great boat rod!


G Loomis ETR84-3MS-12is a medium spinning rod designed for larger flats species like permit, redfish and seatrout or smaller species of salmon.

When you need a little more power, but still want a one-piece light-action rod, the G Loomis SR782 is the perfect choice.


The G Loomis NRX Casting Rods are nothing short of amazing. G Loomis NRX are the pinnacle of G Loomis fishing rods.


G Loomis ETR90-3MS12 is designed for stream fishing for big trout and small salmon, walleye, redfish, seatrout and permit.

It may not have the powerful butt that you'll find in the Spin Jig series, but it's more than adequate for large trout.

Here's a powerful two-piece spinning rod designed specifically for drift fishing Chinook salmon in large rivers.

The G Loomis SR841 is a dandy two-piece, ultra-light spinning rod, designed for lakes and ponds where longer casts and lighter line lead to success.

this G Loomis HSR9000S has quickly emerged as the rod of choice for serious walleye anglers fishing spinner/worm rigs.