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G Loomis Freshwater Spinning

G Loomis freshwater spinning rods come in many models and price ranges but they all have one thing in common, quality. All of us have at least a few G Loomis Spinning rods in our inventory.

CODE: 04703

The G Loomis SR843 will handle small bass and walleye nicely, and it makes a good finesse rod for warm-water species when lighter line...
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CODE: 04710

Best suited for 8 or 10-pound line and 1/2-ounce lures, the The G Loomis STR1024S rod is surprisingly strong.
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CODE: 04704

Because it has the power to move big fish, the G Loomis STR1025S is a good choice for both boat and bank fishing.
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CODE: 04725

The G Loomis STR1082S is perfect for summer-run steelies in low, clear water conditions and 6 to 8-pound line.
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CODE: 04705

A good all-around drift rod, and better-than average spoon rod for big western rivers and the Great Lakes.
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CODE: 04739

It handles the long leaders and light leads required for the low, clear water of summer, and the heavier gear needed to fish the high,...
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CODE: 04743

The G Loomis STR1141S is soft enough to let you "see" the strike before the fish has time to react. A good bank rod, a great boat rod!
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CODE: 04755

Like its casting counterpart, the G Loomis STR1265S spinning rod was designed for smaller salmon in British Columbia.
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G Loomis NRX Conventional Rods
The G Loomis NRX Casting Rods are nothing short of amazing. G Loomis NRX are the pinnacle of G Loomis fishing rods.
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