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G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.

  Product Product code Price  
G Loomis BBR904C Rods

CODE: 04239

G Loomis BBR964C Rods

CODE: 04242

G Loomis BBR966C Rods

CODE: 04245

G Loomis BCFR893 Rods

CODE: 49593

G Loomis BCFR894 Rods

CODE: 04562

G Loomis BCFR954 Rods

CODE: 04563

G Loomis BCR802 Rods

CODE: 04564

G Loomis CR722 Rods

CODE: 04264

G Loomis BCR803 Rods

CODE: 04565

G Loomis BCR804 Rods

CODE: 04566

G Loomis BCR852 Rods

CODE: 04567

G Loomis BCR853 Rods

CODE: 04568

G Loomis BCR855 Rods

CODE: 04570

G Loomis BCR864 Rods

CODE: 04571

G Loomis BCR874 Rods

CODE: 04572

G Loomis BCR875 Rods

CODE: 04573

G Loomis BCR893 Rods

CODE: 04574

G Loomis BSR801 Rods

CODE: 49590

G Loomis BSR802 Rods

CODE: 49591

G Loomis BSR803 Rods

CODE: 04576


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