G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.

Preferred by anglers fishing smaller, shallow rivers, this model has plenty of power to handle large steelhead and salmon.


A stout, 8-foot version of the original backbouncing rod, designed mainly to fish for steelhead and salmon on larger rivers with heavy current.


This is Alaska's version of the backbounce rod, designed to fish extremely heavy current and big baits.


This is a lighter flipping stick, one you can pitch or flip a smaller bait into lighter cover and along rock shorelines.


An excellent 10-pound line rod for lighter duty, clear water applications.


Here's one of the most popular and versatile casting rods in the entire G.Loomis line, capable of fishing a variety of lures and techniques.


The G Loomis BCR803 may be the best all-around rod of the bunch, moving big fish with surprising ease and still feeling like a feather in your hand.


The G Loomis BCR804 is a powerful jig and large worm rod for fishing in close around heavy cover. It has a magnum butt to move fish to the boat in a hurry and still has enough tip to cast smaller baits when necessary.


With light tip with a powerful butt-section the G Loomis BCR852 is a perfect choice for fishing lighter line and small jigs.


The G Loomis BCR853 is a really well balanced worm rod for deep-water applications and is an accurate caster and a good choice for medium sized baits.


The G Loomis BCR855 is the ultimate heavy-cover jig/worm rod. Peg a one-ounce worm sinker on your line and pitch it into the nastiest stuff you can find.


The G Loomis BCR864 is not necessarily designed for larger baits, just heavier cover, this jerkbait rod is the best choice when you fish in the timber or thick vegetation.