G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.


The G Loomis DSR820C has a surprisingly light tip with a powerful butt to give you optimum "drop-shot" performance in a casting configuration.


Preferred by anglers fishing smaller, shallow rivers, this model has plenty of power to handle large steelhead and salmon.

With more than enough strenth to handle bigger fish, the G Loomis PR845C has fast become the rod of choice for striper fishermen throwing crankbaits.

The G Loomis BCR864 is not necessarily designed for larger baits, just heavier cover, this jerkbait rod is the best choice when you fish in the timber or thick vegetation.

Need a bigger blade or more bulk in the dirty water? The G Loomis SBR813C is the rod you'll turn to.

The G Loomis ETR81-3MHS-15 is designed to fish for larger flats species or in rivers where brush or limbs interfere with casting.

A stout, 8-foot version of the original backbouncing rod, designed mainly to fish for steelhead and salmon on larger rivers with heavy current.

The G Loomis BCR854 is a very effective deep-water jig rod for fishing in relatively heavy cover.

The G Loomis BCR874 has a longer rear grip for two-handed casting control which is really nice when you start using leaders over 3-feet long.

This rod will handle any big fish, big lure situation with ease and it's so sensitive you'll wonder how you ever fished without it.

This rod has a powerful butt section and the light tip that allows you to cast relatively light lures or bait.

This is Alaska's version of the backbounce rod, designed to fish extremely heavy current and big baits.