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G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.

CODE: 04271

The G Loomis CR723 has a powerful tip, which allows for a good hook set, with ample power to move fish away from heavy cover, but it...
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G Loomis Drop Shot Rods

CODE: 04313

The G Loomis DSR820C has a surprisingly light tip with a powerful butt to give you optimum "drop-shot" performance in a casting...
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CODE: 04319

The G Loomis ETR81-3MHS-15 is designed to fish for larger flats species or in rivers where brush or limbs interfere with casting.
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CODE: 04320

This rod has a powerful butt section and the light tip that allows you to cast relatively light lures or bait.
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CODE: 04321

This is a strong, powerful rod capable of handling tarpon, big snook, small sharks and other saltwater fish.
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CODE: 04347

The G Loomis FR1085 5-weight line can stand up to a decent breeze, turn over smaller-sized streamers, yet still delicately present small...
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CODE: 04353

The G Loomis FR1089 is a very versatile and durable big rod for salmon, pike and saltwater use.
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CODE: 04395

The fast taper and powerful, magnum butt of the G Loomis HSR1021C makes it a favorite among silver salmon anglers.
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G Loomis HSR1025C Rods

CODE: 04406

The G Loomis HSR1025C, designed specifically for Alaska has more than enough backbone to handle the biggest salmon you can find.
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G Loomis Classic Hot Shot Rods

CODE: 04431

This rod has a fast taper with a magnum butt. Because it's so powerful, it works well for backbouncing bait anywhere.
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G Loomis Classic Mag Bass Rods

CODE: 04439

Its light tip, paired with a medium-heavy butt, make this rod a good choice for a wide variety of baits and techniques.
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CODE: 04517

Like its spinning counterpart, the G Loomis PR844C is a good all-around flats rod, working well for most small live bait as well as...
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CODE: 04527

With more than enough strenth to handle bigger fish, the G Loomis PR845C has fast become the rod of choice for striper fishermen throwing...
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CODE: 51193

The G Loomis BCR854 is a very effective deep-water jig rod for fishing in relatively heavy cover.
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CODE: 51201

The G Loomis SWBR955C is capable of launching all but the largest baits with the backbone for a great hookset and the muscle to haul in...
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CODE: 51200

This rod is perfect for throwing those large, rubber, bottom bouncing, trout swimbaits.
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CODE: 51199

The action and balance of the G Loomis SWBR957C rod allows you to throw monster nine to sixteen inch baits all day long with minimal...
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CODE: 04578

You won't want to be without this G Loomis Backbounce SABBR963C Rod in your arsenal.
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CODE: 04579

This G Loomis SABBR965C Backbounce Rod is a must to own.
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CODE: 04580

This G Loomis SAPR982C freshwater plug rod is a must to own.
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