G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.

The G Loomis BCR874 has a longer rear grip for two-handed casting control which is really nice when you start using leaders over 3-feet long.


The G Loomis BCR875 is a magnum Carolina Rig rod to get fish out of the thick stuff.


The advantage of the G Loomis BCR893 rod is an excellent combination of casting a soft jerkbait and setting the hook.


The G Loomis BSR801 has a truly extra-fast taper for accurate, pinpoint casts and enough beef to move a fish away from trouble in spite of the whisper-thin line.


The G Loomis BSR802 is an ultra-sensitive spinning rod designed especially for finesse fishing.


When the fish get a little bigger and the cover gets thicker, you need more power. If you still prefer to stick with a spinning rod, the G Loomis BSR803 is the right choice.


The G Loomis CBR841 is excellent in clear water situations where you need lighter line, smaller lures and long casts to be effective.


The G Loomis CR721 is a fast-action rod with a light power rating designed to protect light lines, yet still have the power to move large fish.


The G Loomis CR723 has a powerful tip, which allows for a good hook set, with ample power to move fish away from heavy cover, but it still has the flexibility to fish a "super-spook" for surface action.


The G Loomis ETR81-3MHS-15 is designed to fish for larger flats species or in rivers where brush or limbs interfere with casting.


This rod has a powerful butt section and the light tip that allows you to cast relatively light lures or bait.


This is a strong, powerful rod capable of handling tarpon, big snook, small sharks and other saltwater fish.