G Loomis Freshwater Casting

G Loomis freshwater casting rods are numerous and that is good because you can easily find the right fit for your fishing adventure.

This is Alaska's version of the backbounce rod, designed to fish extremely heavy current and big baits.

The G Loomis BCR875 is a magnum Carolina Rig rod to get fish out of the thick stuff.

The G Loomis SHR821 has a light tip that will allow you to move your bait while the stiff butt section provides the backbone to pull them out of the thickest deep water cover.

This is a strong, powerful rod capable of handling tarpon, big snook, small sharks and other saltwater fish.

This rod is perfect for throwing those large, rubber, bottom bouncing, trout swimbaits.


This is a lighter flipping stick, one you can pitch or flip a smaller bait into lighter cover and along rock shorelines.


The advantage of the G Loomis BCR893 rod is an excellent combination of casting a soft jerkbait and setting the hook.

Great balance from tip to butt lets you work a ShakyHead downhill, allowing you to feel the lightest taps.

The G Loomis FR1085 5-weight line can stand up to a decent breeze, turn over smaller-sized streamers, yet still delicately present small dry flies to skeptical fish.

The action and balance of the G Loomis SWBR957C rod allows you to throw monster nine to sixteen inch baits all day long with minimal fatigue.

An excellent 10-pound line rod for lighter duty, clear water applications.

The G Loomis BSR801 has a truly extra-fast taper for accurate, pinpoint casts and enough beef to move a fish away from trouble in spite of the whisper-thin line.