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Calstar Grafighter Series Fishing Rods

Calstar Grafighter Series rods have a graphite and fiberglass composite blank. Grafighters are state of the art fishing rods, built with a level of strength, durability and performance well tested on the open seas. These Calstar Grafighter Series rods are light weight and yet so powerful and with a quick recoil. Some Calstar Grafighter Series are available with cork grips.
Calstar Grafighter Tuna Rail Rods
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Calstar Grafighter Bait & Jig Rods Light weight. Gray/Black composite rod blank with white, teal and black wraps. Graphite and fiberglass from butt...
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Calstar Grafighter Deck Hand Rods
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Calstar Grafighter Roller Guide Tuna & Rail Rods These are Calstar Grafighter Trolling, Tuna and Rail series rods and they are awesome! This...
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