Reliable Fishing Kill Bags

Reliable Fishing Kill Bags


These vinyl coated fish kill bags are a great way to store your catch, keep it cool and keep it off the deck. They have 1/2" dense closed foam and each have a drain spout as well as UV and mildew resistant thread. Kill bags are becoming very popular for fishermen with small boats that don't have an ice hold and the ice chest has their beer in it and that has to stay cold so the next best solution, the fish kill bag. All Reliable fishing kill bags have a 12" gusseted bottom and that makes their storage capacity much better as the bottom expands. These reliable fishing kill bags have a 1 year warranty on workmanship as well.

This is notable information about the bottom dimensions of the bags, and this applies to all the bags:

All of the bags are 12" wide at the bottom, the first two numbers is the height.(RF2460) and the next two numbers is the length at the top  zipper (RF2460) All of the bags are 12" shorter at the base than the zipper length. So a RF2460 is 48" in length and 12" in width.

I have these amazing Reliable Fishing Kill Bags drop shipped directly from Reliable the same day you order it. I know the owner of Reliable well, he is an honorable man who completely stands behind his fish kill bags, just like we do.


RF1836 18X36 Kill Bag
RF2048 20X48 Kill Bag
RF2060 20X60 Kill Bag
RF2072 20X72 Kill Bag
RF2460 24X60 Kill Bag
RF2848 28X48 Kill Bag
RF3060 30X60 Kill Bag
RF3072 30X72 Kill Bag
RF3090 30X90 Kill Bag

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