Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Kit

Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo


The Magnetic Tool Holder securely holds your tools. Mount this Combo in your boat and you’ll never be tripping over, or searching for your tools again. Combo includes Tool Holder and all mounting hardware with 6" Double sided Hook Sharpener, Super Line Scissors, 6-1/2" Stainless Steel Pliers. The Double sided hook sharpener has a round coarse file that restores large and badly damaged hooks with a flat, fine diamond grit coated side to hone hooks and knives to the razor-sharp edge required for large toothy gamefish. V-groove assures straight and accurate honing for the ultimate in cutting edge. Flat sides of fine surface are perfect for sharpening smaller hooks. Co-molded, ergonomic handle provides firm, yet comfortable slip-resistant grip. Super Line Scissors feature sharp serrated cutting edge and oversized finger and thumb holes. These scissors actually grip and hold braided line for easy non-slip cutting. The 6-1/2” Stainless Steel Pliers are packed with features. Includes side cutter for cutting thin wire leaders and hooks, Rapala lure tuning tool and split shot crimper. Nose features split ring tool for making fast work of changing out or updating hooks in the field. Soft grip handles add comfort and slip proof grip. Leaf spring opens pliers for one-handed operation with adjustable hand lanyard to keep them secure.


  • Magnetic Tool Holder
  • 6" Double Sided Hook Sharpener
  • Super Line Scissors
  • 6 1/2" Stainless Steel Pliers

Item #: MTHK-1, Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder Combo 1