Rapala Glass Shad Rap


These Rapala Glass Shad Rap lures have a prismatic, "glass" 3-dimensional look. The Rapala Glass Shad Rap lures pick up light and reflect it in hundreds of directions at once. The Rapala Glass Shad Rap also has long-casting, rattling and suspending features.

Model No. Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
  GSR05 2" 5/16 oz Two No. 5
  GSR07 2 3/4" 7/16 oz Two No. 3

Glass Black Shad
GBK - Glass Black Shad
Glass Blue Shad
GBSD - Glass Blue Shad
Glass Purple Sunfire
GPSF - Glass Purple Sunfire
Glass Perch
GP - Glass Perch
Glass Shad
GSD - Glass Shad
Glass Purple Shad
GPS - Glass Purple Shad
Glass Citrus Shad
GCS - Glass Citrus Shad
Glass Brown Crawdad
GBCW - Glass Brown Crawdad