Rapala Dives To Sure Set


These Rapala Dives to Sure Set Series lures have improved hook systems and color selections. Rapala Dives to Sure Set lures have a newly-designed hook, the VMC Sure Set hook. These hooks have shown an impressive increase in hook rates when fish are striking short or missing altogether. The high-contrast flash patterns of the Rapala Dives to Sure Set lures will surely get the attention of your fish.

Model No. Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
  DTSS06 2 1/8" 3/8oz Two No. 6
  DTSS10 2 1/4" 1/16z Two No. 4
  DTSS16 2 3/4 3/4oz No. 4 & No. 2


Pearl Grey Shiner  
PGS - Pearl Grey Shiner
Chartreuse Purple Shiner  
CPS - Chartreuse Purple Shiner
Bleeding Olive Shiner  
BOS - Bleeding Olive Shiner
CW - Crawdad