Penn Special Senator Reels




The Penn Special Senator has a Precision-Machined, Stainless Pinion Gear.The Penn Special Senator are made with High-Strength, Manganese- Bronze Main Gears. Multi-Disc Star Drag System. Convertible Power Handle. Penn Special Senator have Sealed, Stainless Ball Bearings. Chrome Reinforced Side Plates. Heavy-Duty Clicker .High-Strength, Graphite Rod Clamp. Corrosion Resistant. 

  • 112H 375yds/30lb, Gear Ratio 4-1
  • 113H 475yds/30lb, Gear Ratio 3.25-1
  • 113HLW 600yds/30lb, Gear Ratio 3.25-1
  • 113HN 375yds/30lb, Gear Ratio 4.25-1
  • 113HSP 500yds/30lb, Gear Ratio 3.25-1
  • 114H 475yds/50lb, Gear Ratio 2.8-1
  • 114HSP 575yds/50lb, Gear Ratio 2.9-1
  • 114HLW 375yds/80lb, Gear Ratio 2.8-1