P-Line Spooling Assistant

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The P-Line Spooling Assistant is the perfect accessory to aid in spooling of any reel whether it’s before a trip or while on the water. The suction cup base will adhere to any flat surface, including tackle boxes, kitchen tables or the floor of a boat, allowing for easy use anywhere. By using the two spring loaded tension adjustments, the P-Line Spooling Assistant will ensure the line is loaded on your reel properly, helping to eliminate line twists and tangles. All an angler has to do is load a spool of line onto the bar, and adjust the screws and spring to apply proper tension. On a baitcasting reel the line should come off of the top of the spool, while the spool is turning. On a spinning reel the spool should not turn, the line should come off the spool in the same direction that the spool is turning. If this direction is reversed there will be tangle problems. The P-Line Spooling Assistant can be used with the following standard spools, fillers, 1/8 and 1/4 spools and even some small bulk spools.