P-Line Predator

P-Line Predator

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The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, broken back minnow with an action that makes it irresistable to many species of game fish. Trolled at 3mph with 100 feet of line, the P-Line Predator will dive 12 to 13 feet. These lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt an fresh water, under any conditions.

Features:  One piece mold injection, a single wire running from the bill to the rear hook for added strength, laser finishes on some models, laser glass eyes, 5.5" body, VMC hooks, and two rattle chambers.

  • PPDD-004 - Red/Silver/Blue
  • PPDD-101 - Purple Lightning
  • PPDD-106 - Blue Sardine
  • PPDD-102 - Black/Silver
  • PPDD-105 - Dorado
  • PPDD-012 - Rainbow Trout 
  • PPDD-108 - Chovy Supreme
  • PPDD-109 - Green/Mackerel
  • PPDD-110 - Purple/Black
  • PPDD-011 - Silver/Blue
  • PPDD-123 - Firetiger
Color Price Quantity
Red/Silver/Blue $8.99
Rainbow Trout $8.99
Purple Lightning $8.99
Black Lightning $8.99
Dorado $8.99
Blue Sardine $8.99
Chovy Supreme $8.99
Green Mackeral $8.99
Silver Black $8.99
Silver Blue $8.99
Firetiger $8.99
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