P-Line CXX Xtra Strong-1/4 Pound Spools

P-Line CXX Xtra Strong-1/4 Pound Spools

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CXX X-Tra Strong

CXX X-Tra Strong is the toughest, strongest, most shock resistant line on the market. If you’re looking to throw into nasty cover for largemouth, battle huge tuna with your drag locked down to some ridiculous setting, or pull plugs for monster salmon in a raging river, there is only one line to trust. Tournament anglers and guides alike choose CXX because of the abrasion resistance and it’s high strength to diameter ratio. And with 5 colors to choose from, you’re certain to have the perfect shade for any condition.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - More anglers prefer clear line than any other color, which made CXX X-Tra Strong in the Crystal Clear color a natural choice. Perfect for any water condition.
  • MOSS GREEN - Salmon and steelhead fishermen along with tournament bass anglers prefer this stealthy, translucent moss green color.
  • SMOKE BLUE - Smoke Blue was introduced to give anglers the opportunity to match specific saltwater conditions.

Click on the images tab too see how much line comes on these quarter pound P-Line CXX Spools

Color Size Price Quantity
Clear CXX-6 600yd Spool $17.99
Blue CXX-6 600yd Spool $17.99
Green CXX-6 600yd Spool $17.99
Clear CXX-8 600yd Spool $17.99
Blue CXX-8 600yd Spool $17.99
Green CXX-8 600yd Spool $17.99
Clear CXX-10 600yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-10 600yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-10 600yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-12 600yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-12 600yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-12 600yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-15 600yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-15 600yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-15 600yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-20 600yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-20 600yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-20 600yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-25 500yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-25 500yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-25 500yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-30 400yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-30 400yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-30 400yd Spool $19.99
Clear CXX-40 370 yd Spool $19.99
Blue CXX-40 370 yd Spool $19.99
Green CXX-40 370 yd Spool $19.99
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