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Owner Wide Gap Plus Bass Hooks

CODE: 05317

Price: $4.99

Owner Wide Gap Plus Bass Hooks with its deep throat and dramatically elevated point, offers an extraordinary wide gap for extra hooking power. The plus point rides above the eye, providing a more positive and effective hook set. The Owner Wide Gap Plus Bass Hooks is ideal for weedless style Carolina Rig'N and Texas Rig'N of big tube baits and extra beefy soft plastic. Features include a XXX-strong forged shank, a bait-holding Z-Lock shoulder bend, Cutting Point®, and black chrome finish.

  • 5139-111, Size 1/0, Quantity 6
  • 5139-121, Size 2/0, Quantity 6
  • 5139-131, Size 3/0, Quantity 5
  • 5139-141, Size 4/0, Quantity 5
  • 5139-151, Size 5/0, Quantity 5
  • 5139-161, Size 6/0, Quantity 4
  • 5139-171, Size 7/0, Quantity 3