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Owner Weedless Bait Hooks

Owner Weedless Bait Hooks

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Utilizing a Mosquito hook, we rigged a stainless wire "weedless" guard. The Owner Weedless Bait Hooks is great for downshotting in heavy cover. The guard is wrapped with thread along the hook shank, then twisted and bent at the end to form a 90 degree baitholder. Ideal for rigging small natural baits and for wacky worming. THe Owner Weedless Bait Hooks features an offset Super Needle Point and black chrome finish.

  •  5172-071, Size 4, Quantity 5
  •  5172-091, Size 2, Quantity 5
  •  5172-101, Size 1, Quantity 5
Size Price Quantity
4 $5.49
2 $5.49
1 $5.49
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