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Owner Football Jig Heads

Owner Ultrahead Football Type Lead Jig Heads

In stock

The Owner Ultrahead Football Type Lead Jig Heads are designed for a fast, vertical drop. Perfect for crawfish-type baits, which roll upright and side-to-side when jig is slowly retrieved along rocky bottoms. These Owner Ultrahead Footbal Type Jig Heads are molded around an Owner Super Needle Point jig hook, with round bend and black matte finish.

  • 5143-028, Size 1/8, Quantity 5
  • 5143-048, Size 1/4, Quantity 5
  • 5143-068, Size 3/8, Quantity 4
Owner Football Jig Head Size Price Quantity
1/8 Football Jig Head $4.69
1/4 Football Jig Head $4.69
3/8 Football Jig Head $4.69
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