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Owner Offshore Live Bait Hooks

CODE: 05264

Price: $9.69

Owner Offshore Live Bait Hooks are mean bait hooks, featuring a totally unique offset, super-sharp forged point for instant sticking. The Owner Offshore Live Bait Hooks are XX strong and corrosion resistant black chrome finish.

These are some amazing hooks! They are super strong and sharp as all get out. They have a great bend to them and you can really feel good about tying them onto the end of your line!

  • 5129-171, Size 7/0, Quantity 6
  • 5129-181, Size 8/0, Quantity 5
  • 5129-191, Size 9/0, Quantity 4
  • 5129-201, Size 10/0, Quantity 3
  • 5129-211, Size 11/0, Quantity 3
  • 5129-221, Size 12/0, Quantity 2