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Owner Flyliner Ringed Fluorocarbon Leaders

CODE: 05529

Price: $8.59

Owner ringed flyliner leaders are handy, quick-change rigs, featuring a pre-tied 30 inch length of virtually invisible fluorocarbon connecting an Owner ringed Flyliner hook at one end with a super-strong, solid stainless ring at the other. The ring makes it easy to attach leader rig to main line and serves as a stopper for a sliding sinker. Ringed flylinerhook allows baits to swim freely. Features include a Cutting Point and black chrome finish.

  • 5206R-071 - 4, 15lb, Quantity 5
  • 5206R-091 - 2, 20lb, Quantity 5 
  • 5206R-101 - 1, 20lb, Quantity 5 
  • 5206R-111 - 1/0, 25lb, Quantity 5 
  • 5206R-121- 2/0, 30lb, Quantity 5