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Owner Downshot Sinker

CODE: 05378

Price: $3.89

The Owner Downshot are Small and light weight, these bell-shaped sinkers are just right for use with the Down Shot System. The unique eye "pinches" on the tag end of your line - making the sinker quick to rig and adjust - and, should you hang up on the bottom (while hooked to a fish or otherwise), the eye allows you to pull back and quick-release from the snagged sinker with ease. If you decide that you want your bait suspending 3 feet off the bottom instead of 2 feet, reeling in your line will take longer than adjusting the rig.


  • 5155-018, Size 1/16, Quantity 7
  • 5155-028, Size 1/8, Quantity 7
  • 5155-038, Size 3/16, Quantity 6
  • 5155-048, Size 1/4, Quantity 6
  • 5155-068, Size 3/8, Quantity 5
  • 5155-088, Size 1/2, Quantity 5